How To Pick A Toothpaste

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With so many types of toothpaste around, it has become even harder to decide on which one is best for your dental hygiene. We are advised to brush our teeth two to three times a day and the kind of toothpaste you go for is very important. Sometimes as a consumer, you will go through the labels and try to sort out the list of all the ingredients present in each one before you buy, maybe you just prefer using the same one you have been using since you were a child or you simply go for the one that costs either the most or least. Well if you are not sure of what to look for when you are trying to buy toothpaste, here are some points to help you pick the right toothpaste.


1. Consult Your Dentist

This is actually the easiest way to go about it because a dentist happens to be a professional when it comes to toothpaste. They do take care of your teeth after all. The dentist might have great recommendations. They might choose a specific category such as a whitening toothpaste or a desensitizing one. From the dentist’s advise, you can choose one from the recommended category. You should also pay attention to the dentist when it comes to the ones that you should stay away from.

2. Consider The Flouride Amount

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day with a toothpaste that contains fluoride is very important for the health of your teeth because the fluoride fights cavities. For that reason, several kinds of toothpaste around contain fluoride. However, a lot of the naturally made kinds of toothpaste around do not contain fluoride. The reason for this is that they are more set on better nutrition and highlighting problems related to fluoride use. According to a recent study, it is not advisable for children under the age of six to use toothpaste that contains fluoride although many still highly recommend its use.

3. If You Have Sensitive Teeth, Avoid Whitening Toothpastes


Whitening tubes of toothpaste are known to contain powerful ingredients that could guarantee you a perfect smile. Generally speaking, they are safe and very effective but unfortunately, some people have very sensitive teeth which means the chemical agents in it may cause irritation. In fact, it could even worsen your symptoms. If you have sensitive teeth and still want to have brighter teeth, how about doing a lot of research or seeking professional advise for options that are more gentle.

4. Carefully Read Labels

Some types of of toothpaste in the market are labeled adults only or older children and for that reason you should keep them away from children. Others require that you consult a dentist before using them longer than the period of time stated on them. Always make sure you pay close attention to all the instructions written on the labels to be safe. You should also be very aware of the ingredients, especially the ones that have more. The more ingredients there are, the more the chances of you being sensitive to one or two of them. You just need to know which one.

5. Avoid Toothpaste That Contains A Lot Of Sweeteners


The whole point of using toothpaste is to prevent tooth decay and promote dental hygiene. While some of them contain sugar to make them sweeter, it isn’t a good idea to go for the very sugary ones as they could actually be counterproductive. The kinds of toothpaste made for children are the ones that contain plenty of sugar and for that reason it is advisable to keep an eye on the labels.


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