Quick and easy home repair tips for everyone


Sometimes, we run into unpleasant circumstances around our homes. It could have something to do with the trash can, the drainage, the light bulb and so much more. However, no need to get frustrated. We’ve put together a few tricks that you will find very useful around the house. They include the following:

1. Pour some salt down your drains

This is perhaps the simplest of all home remedies that has ever been discovered. When you use some salt down your drains, the salt will not exactly unclog the stubborn things that have the drains blocked but it will reduce or get rid of all the bad smell that is a result of the clogging. For best results, pour two tablespoons of salt down your drain. Allow it to sit there for about thirty minutes so that the salt works. Rinse the drain with cold water so that you are able to eliminate the existing odor and prevent any more from forming.