Here’s a Look at Some of The Most Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations

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2. Sam Smith – 49 pounds

When the popular British singer/songwriter Sam Smith released his very first studio album, it became an instant hit. His album was called In the Lonely Hour and is responsible for making him a household name internationally. This was in 2014 and at the time, he was a lot heavier than the Sam Smith we see today. In 2017, Sam Smith was preparing to release his second studio album which he called The Thrill of It All. During this time, his fans noticed that he was significantly leaner than what they were used to seeing. How did he achieve that body? Well, Sam paid for the services of nutritional therapist Amelia Freer. She helped Sam eat better and work his way towards a slimmer body. In just two weeks, Sam was able to lose 14 pounds. Eventually, as the program continued, Sam managed to shed off a good 149 pounds in total. In 2018, he went on tour to promote his second album The Thrill of it All while in better shape.


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