Here’s a Look at Some of The Most Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations


It’s never easy being overweight. It’s a situation that makes you susceptible to lifestyle medical conditions and could even take a toll on your self esteem.  Being heavier does not only occur in normal people, but celebrities too. It’s also hard on them considering they are in the public eye and have to face criticism from even more people. That said, fortunately these celebrities have enough resources to get into shape. They can hire the services of the best nutritionists and fitness experts they can find. Over the years, we have seen some amazing celebrity transformations. In this post we highlight some of the celebrities who went through such transformations. They include:

1. Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle was one of the contestants on Britain’s Got Talent. She had this incredible voice that was such a joy to listen to. Her performances on the show were nothing short of astonishing. As such, it didn’t take too long before Susan became extremely famous. Her fame came almost overnight and similarly, her transformation too. Thanks to her fame, she had more wealth than she ever thought she would have in life. She suddenly had enough to hire the services she needed and stick to the meal plans that were required for her to get in shape. She started to exercise regularly and stuck to a very stringent balanced diet. She went through a full makeover. We’re relieved that Susan did not choose a lap band. Neither did she go for a stomach sleeve. Today, the singer who truly has one of the most angelic voices looks like a true star. She’s now an even more admired celebrity.